Welcome to Diabolical Dominoes!

A game of skill, timing, random dominoes and a lot of luck!

Join our hero as he tries to stop the diabolical plan of Double Blank. To rid the world of all spots.

The aim here is simple. Bounce the dominoes onto the safety of the brown ledges.

Once up there match either number on the domino by launching another domino to the same ledge.

Dont drop them though or your catcher dominoes will lose some spots.

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I dunno how it works but it sure is fun!!

haha bonkers, but nicely done.  I only got 5700 :/

Very fun little game! Would be nice to have an easier way to identify matching dominos than trying to count dots as they fall though - make color coding based on the number or something like that.

Hey thanks for that! That's a great idea.

Thanks for having a go. This is exactly the sort of feedback we need to make this prototype better and then on to a final product.

Very much appreciated and glad you enjoyed playing!

Thanks for the feedback.  Although the different colors is a great idea I think we are liking the aesthetic of the dominoes right now, and also have other domino types planned out such as wooden.  I also found another popular domino game that used colors just as you suggested so would like to differentiate as much as possible.

For now I added little "here" blurbs that the dominoes say when Double Blank pulls out a matching domino.  It isn't perfect, as sometimes you are juggling two dominoes at once, but I think it helps a bit.  What do you think?


I think that's a really helpful addition!  I love the aesthetic you have going and absolutely understand not wanting to change it, and this seems like a good step (to me at least).  I also really like how the number on the dominoes holding the trampoline counts down your remaining lives, although it took me a couple tries to realize it.

Good gosh the acceleration is impossible to adjust to

Firstly thank you for giving this a go and leaving a comment.

We will be making some tweaks to this! We're aware this is very tricky.

This is just an initial prototype and we'll try adjusting trampoline size, building size possibly level size and other aspects. Maybe a short pause before the domino is thrown.

Hopefully you'll pop back to try again in the future to see the changes we will make.

We have "fixed" that in the updated version!

...I say "fixed" as though I love the feeling of running on ice it seems no one agrees with me  :P