Let These Two GIFs Guide You!

Rescue Space MenReturn in Portal
Full Explanation of Space Men
Full Explanation of Portals

We ran out of time to make these two key features super intuitive.

Hopefully this helps!

Welcome to SpaceOut!

In a distant future Earth becomes fully populated and humans have to be sent to space to create a new civilisation.

While things start out well the galaxy starts to implode on itself causing the population to "run out of space".

The emergency pods are deployed.

Now it's up to you to save the human race.

SpaceOut takes breakout to a whole new level and combines it with an asteroids type feel and makes it a combination of all the 80's games you loved rolled into one .

Need a few tips?

Press tab for fullscreen!

Don't forget to upgrade your ships when you enter a portal. Click the green up buttons to add balls, laser cool down and spaceman capacity.

Blocks can be broken by balls or laser.

The spacemen in the pods need to be rescued. You can only break open the pod with lasers.

The black portal can only be opened with balls. Deliver the spacemen into this pod to earn cash and buy upgrades.

Watch your laser doesn't overheat!

Development by @LouBagel

Art by @PowLow_Paolo and @PixelShorts

Sound by @scowsh

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorsBagelShorts, scowsh, PowLow_Paolo, Lou Bagel, PixelShorts
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 42, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare

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Hey mate, I did a video, I think you might want to see it (:

Wow really impressed by this game, hope to see more of it

Great game. Can't wait to play it more

Pretty awesome game. I love that you got together to create something, working with other people is always a great experience to create thing more quickly and to learn from others. Now, most of the time I ignore instructions because I'm vague, and this wasn't the exception. But the controls are quite great, easy to understand and to manipulate, the artstyle it's incredible I've always appreciated 8-bit style games. The gameplay it's so great, love the fact that at first I thought I could only shoot lasers and when I discover it was an upgrade of breakout it was so amusing for me. I loved that it has an story too, and that it's there so you can choose wheter to see it or not. And finally it's very entertaining, the portals, and the other features bring a lot to te game. I can see you are in development of more, keep the good work!


Thank you so much. We put this together in 72 hrs for ludum dare so of course this wasn't as polished as it could be. 

Hopefully now the jam is over we can take some time to look on how we can improve this and possibly take this further and possibly add some sort of campaign mode.

Who knows! The possibilities are now open for us.

Very addicting. I can't stop playing it! I hope this comes out on Android!


Wouldn't rule that out. We need to spend some more time on this as this was just for Ludum Dare but now that it's over we can now add on to this. Watch this space.

I'm so stalking you in hope that you will take your Dare and turn it into a released game.


Really liked it, a very good spin on the arkanoid game. Music visuals and the feel are all there. More of upgrades and maybe some kind of campaign mode with more varying levels and it would probably be fit on some publishing platformers as a full game. Really well done.

Thanks for the positive comments!

Funnily enough we were having a discussion today about maybe taking this further. This was put together in 72 hrs for Ludum Dare so the possibilities of spending some time on this could produce something quite interesting!

this is dope! really creative elements and variation of classic games.  The second time I played through it, it doesn't end, and I don't die.  There's no losing condition.  I can run into all the blocks and destroy them that way, which is still kinda fun.  Also, I feel there can be more variation in the sound design, but I'm also an audio guy myself.  


Hey Barmizzle, thanks for the comments!

I think Pixel Shorts replied to you on the LD site but I think you clicked on the tutorial mode that 2nd time.  You can't die there, it is more of just practice mode as almost same as regular (Explanation on that).  The way to get out of tutorial mode is to use a portal, which is an important mechanic but may be hard to discover on one's own (we wanted to guide the player towards that better but ran out of time).

We didn't add Scowsh, our music and sfx team mate, to the project until the last day.  So he only had hours to work with.  He does a great job and could have done more if he wasn't doing a different game jam on Saturday and Sunday!


ah, yeah I guess I definitely got mixed up on that tutorial thing.  and the sound and music was fine.  It's a game jam, I understand how these things go.  I actually also ended up working on sound for a game on the last day as well.. and compromises had to be made, but it's cool.  I'm totally a snob when it comes to sound and music stuff, and it's like the first thing I notice for everything.  I really enjoyed the game though.  Well done!


Nice game, fun , retro and entertaining :) 


good fun game highly recommended. 


Thanks! I hope people heed your recommendation! :)